Saturday, September 19, 2020

Government playing with sentiments and emotions of Turmeric farmers

It seems that Telangana government and Central government in Delhi are playing with the sentiments and emotions of turmeric farmers especially in North Telangana districts i.e Nizamabad, Warangal & Karimnagar. Instead of conveying the truth and educating the farmers in right directions, respective governments and their representatives are adding fuel to the fire. Farmers are being constantly betrayed and given false promises and shown fortune overnight for mere political gains. Neither the intent nor spirit of the government is in right direction for the farmers. Most of the government agencies and the officers on ground know that the problem is different and we are finding solutions and remedies with a different medicine which shall not bring relief but aggravate issues further.

Why Turmeric farmers are angry:

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Farmers in Nizamabad are traditionally growing Turmeric from decades as a livelihood and legacy from their family predecessors. Turmeric is grown in 60,000 acres in common Nizamabad district alone and around 12,000 acres in adjoining districts like Karimnagar and Warangal. The average investment cost of Turmeric is 1.2 lakh to 1.5lakh per acre. Average yield is 20 Quintals per acre and the average price which turmeric fetches is 4000 Rs to 5000rs. Farmers are demanding prices in between 10,000Rs to 20,000Rs per quintal, which